A logo of Anodyne with a '10th anniversary' icon below. Young's head, a broom and cake are there.

Hi all, Melos here! We're lucky to be celebrating Anodyne's 10th anniversary (wow!) today - Feb. 4th, 2023. It feels like just yesterday, when we released Anodyne, selling it through our own digital storefront, before being able to get it on Steam - and the PirateBay! - which helped Marina and I's careers begin.

We'd like to celebrate with a few things! First, we're having a FREE WEEKEND over at Itch.io! Through the end of Sunday the 5th, you can get a free copy of Anodyne from Itch.io. It's a great time to share the game with a friend. The free weekend's over!

Next, there's a few events we have going on! The first is the MEMORIES event. Have a favorite place in Anodyne 1? Favorite memory? Till the end of the month, we're collecting fan responses and will publish them in some kind of writing in the future. Submit here!

And, we have the FAN ART event going on. Also through February, we're collecting any and all fan art of Anodyne 1, which we might publish in digital or physical form in some way. If you have any pieces you'd like to submit - old or new! - you can submit them here: Here!

Lastly, did you know Anodyne's music is now on Spotify (and all streaming platforms?)

That's all for now, thank you for supporting us whether it be since 10 years ago or today! Please look forward to some exciting announcements about Our Next Game later this year.

(Also, just in time for the anniversary, a fan open source port of Anodyne just finished. Check it out here: Here.